Standard Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing or Re-Writing : $139.95 - Whether you hire us to create your new CV from scratch or you have us work from an existing one, the same rate applies. Included with every order are: free revisions within the scope of your original request, unique articles & tutorials with proprietary tips for marketing your CV and winning over prospective employers at job interviews, and more.

Accompanying Cover Letter : $59.95 - Research from a wide range of sources demonstrates quite consistently that CVs accompanied by strong cover letters receive a greater amount of attention from a greater number of prospective employers. If adding an attention-grabbing cover letter to your order improves the odds of getting interviewed and subsequently hired by even a small percentage, then it's more than worth the investment!

LinkedInProfile : $89.95 - Many employers expect candidates to have LinkedIn profiles. Our professional CV writers can either revamp your existing profile OR create a new one for you "from scratch!"

Follow-Up (Post-Interview) Thank You Letter : $59.95 - Similar to cover letters, post-interview thank you letters are known to increase the number of positive responses (in this case, job offers!) that you're likely to receive. Here again, it only makes sense: Spend just a little and you'll dramatically improve how quickly you get hired for the job YOU want...and that means your investment in a post-interview thank you letter will almost always prove itself to be a profitable one.

Professional Career Coaching By Telephone : $69.95 - Add this service to your CV order and a certified career coach will spend at least a half of an hour assessing your strengths and weaknesses in a way no one close to you ever has before. Our career coach will show you how to transform yourself into a far more attractive job candidate to prospective employers. Follow-up or even ongoing coaching calls are optional.

HTML Resume Posting : $49.95- Having an online, e-copy of your resume is VERY important in most industries. Add this service to your CV order and we'll post your new resume on a webpage and maintain it for at least one full year!

Rush Service : $39.95 - Our standard turnaround time is approximately 3 business days but adding a RUSH to your order will get it to you in just 1-2 business days.